Thursday, December 11, 2014

Resolution 35

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where you go..."

I'll give you that it starts looking like Christmas earlier and earlier each year.  However, now that Thanksgiving has flown on by and December is here, it truly IS beginning to look and sound like Christmas.  I have found that several things keep me sane through the holidays (wine is one of them, but not one I will be discussing in this post) and the first it to create a plan/be organized.

Some people are naturally organized all year long and flow through the holidays un-flustered.  I'd like to think that is me however, then I wake up and discover that I have been napping.  So when it comes to the holidays I make lists, lists and lists.

I list the food I need to buy and the gifts I need to get.  I list the snacks that I have purchased; both appetizer and dessert types.  I list the holiday foods my family wants to eat.  I list the ready-made meals I have in the freezer for those days I just want to be in the moment with my family and not cook.  I make a list of those I need to purchase gifts for and ideas that I have for them.  Then I make decisions and shop online for as many as them as possible.  When I venture out to purchase items that I cannot get online, I take a list so that I don't impulse shop.  If I am hosting an event, I may have three or four lists for that event to complete.  Lists make me feel like I have it all under control, even though I know that may not be true.

Resolution 35:  Make Some Lists, Check them Twice

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