Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Resolution 34

It is the hectic time of the year when I take time off from my computer and then feel like I have forgotten to document books that I have read.  Or it could be that I am in the middle of four books and cannot seem to get through any of them before I must return them to the library.  Two of them I am listening to in the car (and have been for the last month).  Three of them I have gotten and had to return to the library before either getting to them or (as is the case currently) getting all the way through them.  My goal, such as it is, is to complete these books prior to starting anymore as I have them all in both book and book-on-disc formats. 

In fact, this started out as a book post, but then I realized it should be a resolution.  Perhaps you've started a thing or two this month or year that you would like to see completed before 2014 draws to an end.  I know that I have more than just the books to finish, but for now, my goal is to finish the books I have started before the end of the year.  

Resolution 34:  Finish What You Have Started

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