Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions 28, 29, 31, 32...

I have been doing double duty this month to fulfill my 52 Resolutions in 52 Weeks.  And yes, it does read like a 52 week chore chart, but you know what each resolution/chore improves me/my life in some way.  I really do wish at the end of the year that I am better at the end because of my journey and if I've helped you a bit, well even better.

Resolution 28 - Clean out the medicine cabinet.  This should be an annual chore.  Perhaps if it was, I would have discovered that the Albuterol on my shelf had nearly expired AND the box was nearly empty PRIOR to going to the doctor's office.  Bless him for having a system set-up that allows patients to email him!  Each year, there is a "Drug Take Back Day".  Last year it was at the end of October.  Ideally, I would like to clean it out prior to that day.  Here is my public service announcement... flushing and dumping them down the drain have been found to impact our water; turn them in.  Many of our bottles are empty and still on the shelf.  Those are very easy to dispose of!

Resolution 29 - Perhaps the days of place mats on tables have passed like other fads.  Perhaps the fad has only passed in my house.  But over the years, I had accumulated many holiday ones (for the big boys; poor LRHB cause I never pulled them out for him) and I had some that I received more than 20 years ago as wedding gifts.  I digress... RESOLUTION 29 - CLEAN OUT LINENS.  I have a cedar chest that was so full of these items that I couldn't get another thing in.  Since I have often hid gifts in this chest, I found this to be a problem.  Plus, I am trying to move toward a more simple life.  I am sure I have other linens in other spots that need to be cleaned out, however, this chest has been drastically emptied.  I kept the ones I am most likely to use and got rid of the rest.  Including something that was listed as circa 1972 from an aunty?!

Resolution 31 - Clean out your pantry.  Some things I keep on hand cause you just don't know when you will need them.  In spite of the fact that both boys have had their wisdom teeth removed and that we've had tummy issues, I found 6 boxes of Jell-O that expired in 2011 in my pantry.  Now, I am pretty sure that the Jell-O was not "bad".  However, if they expired 2 years ago and I still haven't used them, imagine how much longer ago it was when I purchased them.  LRHB doesn't like the stuff, so unlike when the big boys were small, I don't make Jell-O for holidays (think jigglers in Easter Egg shapes or Halloween shapes).  And apparently I made it so much when the big boys were small, they no longer find it enjoyable.  Now, I rotate cans from the front to the back and such; I also clear out cans in the fall for our local Harvest of Love campaign.  However, it took fresh eyes of moving things around to discover the Jell-O that had expired.  What can you find?

Resolution 32 - Do you have a box (or boxes) at the top of your closet (or in your basement/crawl space/rented storage space/attic/garage) that contain treasures from your childhood?  I'm talking about more than just baby books.  Programs from football games.  Pressed flowers.  Ticket stubs.  Notes (love or other).  Art (and I use that word loosely).  I had a linen chest full of such paraphernalia along with stuff I had no idea what else to do with because it may or may not have sentimental value to myself or someone else.  Out!  Out!  Out!  With most of it.  In the end, I was able to move the linens from my cedar chest and put them in this linen chest (from my great-grandmother) and put the numerous homemade quilts and afgans in the cedar chest.  SUCH A FEELING OF SATISFACTION!  Rumor has it that too much clutter in our bed rooms is a contributing factor to our inability to sleep well.  I'll let you know when I get the rest of the stuff out!

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