Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions 50-52

Resolution 50 - Clean out Holiday Decorations.  12 boxes of Christmas decorations.  That's right.  However, I might add that that doesn't include the decorations stored in the garage.  It also doesn't include the two boxes of Christmas trees.  Each child has a box of ornaments.  So do Hero Daddy and I.  I have a box of just Christmas candles (which are decorator types, not the ones that we actually burn which are kept in the hutch in the dining room), a box with other ornaments that go on the tree (including the star), a box with a decorator tree and a box full of music boxes, all Christmas themed.  I have a box of Nutcrackers and a box that has just one LARGE Nutcracker.  Okay, so maybe I have more than a dozen cause I think I have 2 more boxes of misc stuff like stockings, stocking holders, Christmas linens (not kept in the above mentioned linen chest) and other decorations that we've accumulated.  This I can tell you... sweet decorations that the children make each year in school, do not hold up.  Have a "holiday door" (ours is the back of the door leading to the garage) where such delights adorn the home.  Snap a picture and put it with the holiday pictures for that year or in a special holiday album (I have one of those... someplace else).  I finally replaced the front door wreath that we'd had for 19 years.  Not because I wanted to, but rather because I needed to.  I love my new wreath, but it will not fit in the box the old one came out of.  I did clean out some things, threw out ripped old paper decorations and donated those holiday themed trivia books and games that we just don't use.  I'm not sure I've managed to get rid of a box yet, but it shouldn't be as difficult to put back.  I will continue to clean out as I clean up at the end of the season.

PS.  That doesn't include the wrapping supplies, either.  I really need to view less as more.  Probably will do over again next year!

Resolution 51 - A Christmas Card.  So how did this tradition get started?  One guy thought it would be a good way to use the new postal system in England.  That's what it boils down to.  Why does the tradition continue?  I can only say why I like to send and receive Christmas cards:  to share with others what is happening in our world and to learn about what is happening in the worlds of others.  I think with the advent of email, this need dropped and even further now that people are connected on FB.  In reality, though, many of my Christmas card list are not friends of mine on FB because not everyone does FB.  Now, it truly frustrates me when I get regular card signed by the person sending it if we aren't connected cause I want to know MORE.  But they have given me the gift of remembering our friendship and for that I am thankful.  Now, I don't really remember the last time I sent out Christmas cards.  I do remember filling them out in the car while driving home from California and that I took a LOT of razzing because it was like the summer or something.  Better late than never, I always say!  So I have finished the Christmas letters from the last 3 years, had them COLOR printed with pictures and will be spending some of the rest of our time off addressing them and sending them off.  I have had to persevere on this one, because it has been time consuming.  I am hoping that to those receiving them, they will appreciate hearing from us and knowing that it was a labor of love.

Resolution 52 - Examine your life.  Are you where you want to be?  Are you happy?  Do you need to create a plan to get someplace else in your life?  How about that to-do list we started the year with... completed?  Do those things even matter anymore?  This time of year makes me SO VERY THANKFUL!  I have my health, my children, my parents and in-laws, my Hero Daddy, friends, a job I enjoy, a beautiful home etc.  Sure, I need to lose some weight.  Sure, I could be more financially settled.  However, at this time of the year when I am with my people, I just want to embrace the feeling of gratitude for what God has given to me.

So, I am going to continue my journey.  I have many things I still want to accomplish, ways I want to grow.

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