Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ramblings of a Mom

Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone.  Today is New Year's Day and College Boy is back at school working already.  I have some ramblings from the last month or so I just feel like sharing.

We went to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with family and some of us were gone 12 days!  College Boy got some vacation time and was able to relax and travel with LRHB and me.  We saw my siblings and their families and my parents and my in-laws and my husbands's extended family.  We didn't get to see the many friends that live in the same area nor did we see my extended family.  Such is the price we pay for living so far away.  I also wanted to see more of the touristy stuff the area boasts, but in the words of Hero Daddy, "Shouldn't we spend the time with the people?  Isn't that why we are here?"

Bitter weather greeted us upon our return and Teen Boy finished his first college semester soon thereafter.  He helped me decorate the house for Christmas and has pulled many hours on LRHB duty.  I had forgotten the JOY a boy can be after returning home from his first semester away.  So appreciative of home, so helpful, so mature, such good company.  (me -sighing and smiling!)

Then school finished and College Boy came home and late nights of game playing and busy days of shopping and cooking and shopping filled the next 11 days.  A Holy Christmas.  Gifts from the heart.  Love.  Togetherness.  These are the memories I am carrying with me.  Today, it seems to end.  The many practical duties of life are looming on the horizon.  However, today I am taking time to remember and savor not only the last 11 days, but the blessings of 2013 and the promise of 2014.

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