Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best of 2013 List

The List 2013

1.  Puffs tissues with Vicks - when you have a cold, these tissues are a little bit of heaven!
2.  Origami Owl - This company has personalized jewelry for that someone special.  It is so unique and personal that if I was Oprah, EVERYONE I KNOW would be getting one of these.
3. Milky Way Simply Caramel - Heaven in my mouth!  The caramel is rich, the chocolate is milk.  I get the mini-sized bars in a 6 pack for a buck so I dig the price too.
4.  Ticket to Ride Board Game and the 1910 Expansion Set - HOURS of fun.  I've been playing this game 9 years this Christmas and the youngest loves it as much as his brothers did when they got it for Christmas in 2004.
5. HOMEOLOGY All Purpose Cleaner - Made by Gold Canyon Candle Company, I LOVE the smell!  It is plant-based cleaning infused with essential oils.  No amonia, no phosphates, no dyes, no chlorine and non-toxic.
6. Gold Canyon Candles - I stopped shopping Yankee Candle when I discovered how much better these candles burn.  Mike even burns them in the man cave downstairs!  This is a homebased company, so you might need a consultant.  I've got a great one next door!
7. Bath and Bodyworks Stress Relief Body Cream - I put this on my feet, add socks and cross trainers and go all day long.  And I work with kiddos with special needs, so I am on the move all day long!  Somehow, my feet don't feel as tired and my nail tech accused me of getting a pedi someplace else because my feet were in such great, soft shape.
8. Tilia Malbec - I'm not a wine snob, but I don't like crappy wine, either.  So when I tasted this $10 a bottle of red, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!  YUM!  And it fits my budget!
9. Good Old Fashioned Freezer - Mine's not fancy.  And it is old.  But since I returned to work full-time, it is a staple in my dinner prep world.  I spend about 8-10 hours over two days one weekend and then I am set for the next 5-6 weeks.  I pull out something to defrost or pop a frozen item in the crock pot, then I come home to dinner.  I'm not doing the drive through thing during the week which would defeat the purpose of working full-time and be way less healthy.  This may sound lame, but seriously, it has been one of my favorite things this year.
10. Cozi Calendar - This is one of those FREE online calendar sites that I finally broke down and began using this year.  With two kids on two different college campuses/different schedules, etc., this online system has created order where before there was none.  On Sundays, it sends out the week to whatever email addresses that you tell it to.  The boys can add stuff to it and Mike (in theory) can check it before making plans with the work dudes.  (in reality, he makes the plans and I use the calendar to point out that my plans were made first and that he has to reschedule).  Look, free!  My gift to you all!
11. Non Fiction Book:  The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch - This book is a quick and easy read; I read it last New Year's Day and intend to read it again this New Year's Day.  It is a great way to remind ourselves what is important in life and how do we want to live each day.
12. Fiction Book: The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.  This is a well written historical fiction with great characters and a storytelling style of going from current times to olden times and back.   
13.  Book Series: Fool's Gold Romance Series by Susan Mallery.  Great characters, fab small town and happy endings.  Even better, she's continuing to write for this series so 4 new books to look forward to in 2014!
14. Nissan Juke - I bought this car second-hand from owners that took such great care of it!  It is two-years old and NOT a mini-van (for the first time in two decades!).  Though I miss my space, I love having a sporty car!

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