Thursday, June 20, 2013

Resolution 24: Clean it out!

School supplies lay around with partially used notebooks and half-filled marker boxes.  Mismatched mittens. Outgrown or outworn pants.  It would be easy to say... It's summer, it can wait until the fall.  Or you can just clean it out now.  I keep partially used notebooks... they come in hand for short term projects or keeping track of who is who on The Bachelorette.  While the young-uns are running amok in the back yard, snap pictures of the school work and then haul it out to the recycle bin.  Make lists of supplies you'll need to purchase for the fall and the sizes that have been outgrown (one of those partially used notebooks are especially good for taking those kinds of notes).  Then, hunt around online in the clearance sections for gloves or ski pants.  I also note ideas for Christmas... need flannel sheets for the winter?  Or to re-do little Johnny's bedroom?  Summer is a great time to clean it out!

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