Sunday, June 16, 2013

Resolution 20: Love Letters

Do you take an occasion to write to your children each year?  On their birthday?  Christmas?  New Year's Day or at the beginning/end of School?  Yeah, me neither.  But time is slipping past me so quickly.

My Hero Daddy said he thought this year's Mother's Day might be one of the last that I could spend with all three of my boys so he arranged for College Boy to come home and be with me.  It was a SURPRISE!  And what a surprise it was!  Poor Hero Daddy had no idea what he was getting himself into because College Boy wanted to bring home College Girl, too.  That meant that my sweet husband had to CLEAN up the house because he knew I would be HORRIFIED to have her come visit and the house be its usual chaos.

Usually I spend my Saturday mornings trying to bring some order to the home, but baseball and a weekend swim meet and a trip to the ER got in the way.  (Teen Boy had injured and has now reinjured his ankle and that is a story for another day!)  So, Hero Daddy did it all:  straightened, vacuumed, cleaned bathrooms and hid stuff in our room (he's a champ!).  And when I arrived at dinner on Saturday night and saw my College Boy, I burst into tears!  What a great surprise and the rest of Mother's Day was equally wonderful, cooking with my kids in the kitchen and playing games.

This led me to this week's resolutions... write a love letter to your children.  Capture this moment in time.

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