Monday, June 3, 2013

Resolution 16


That might look different for each of us.  Some folks need it everyday, but my schedule isn't allowing for it every day.  Some folks need routine, same time/same place/same thing.  While others look for it to change.

I know that I need to view it as something to fit in around life.  Sometimes early morning, sometimes late afternoon.  Sometimes in the gym, sometimes at baseball practice.  I would love to have it fit in the same way all the time, but I discovered that by relying on that, I dropped the habit.  I had a time, though was flex in the activity.  Now, I need to be flex in the time as well.  That is why I am having to work on it again this year.  I'd ask for tips, but I really know what I need.  I need to be flexible.  I am okay with changing up my activity, I am!  I like Zumba and treadmill and walking and biking and water aerobics.  But, I can talk myself into more sleep, more time with the kids, more housework faster than fast.

So, Sweet LM and I tried to make a go of it, like we did last spring by hitting it early in the morning, but LIFE got in the way.  We're still working on it, though!  And we've set a goal to do a 5K next fall.  Thankfully, we have a lot of time to work on that goal!

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