Sunday, June 16, 2013

R18: Vitamin/R19 Daily Schedule

What was I thinking?!  That I would actually clean the ceiling fans?  College Boy needed a visit from Mom and then I headed to Texas with Teen Boy which also meant LRHB would need quality momma time before/after the trip.  Oh, well... there is always this week for cleaning the ceiling fans.

So this week I need an easy resolution... take a vitamin.  Oh, last year I got so good... taking both a multi-vitamin and calcium.  Somehow life crept in and the bottle emptied and it didn't make the grocery list and before you know it, the good habit established is gone.

This brings me to several thoughts.  Okay, really just one long detailed thought.  How are you supposed to remember to do EVERYTHING you need to do to be the best you?  Pray, exercise, eat healthy, take vitamins, cleans, reach out to others, meditate, breathe, be in the moment with your kids, read, learn, devote time to your spouse, sleep...?  I'm just not sure.  I resolve to make myself an improved self, but I find when I add something, things drop off?  I guess I should give up TV and computer games.  I actually have cut back on TV because I like to read and I really only have time for one or the other.  Maybe I need to consider establishing a set bedtime routine (I think I did this once in a past life) and a daily written routine and include the things that are important to ME.  So I am planning ahead....

RESOLUTION 19:  Create what would be the ideal daily schedule for yourself.  Include the things you'd like to have as well as the things you have to have.  Then, give it a try!  We'll chat more about this later.

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