Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Or not.  I'm not sure what happened to last weekend and decorating for Christmas, but it didn't happen.  Not a bit.  So I think the plan will be for the big boys to put the tree up tomorrow afternoon and hopefully a nice Friday evening at home will result in a decorated house.  Note to boys...

I love the holiday season and the only thing keeping me sane without my beautiful Christmas all around is being present in the moment.  Sure, when College Boy went to pick up Teen Boy from swim practice the other night so I could put LRHB down early due to a late night the night before, I could have gotten some things out and started.  However, I started reading to LRHB when CB left and I was still reading when they got back 45 minutes later.  I loved every moment of it and didn't think to myself that I should have used the time "better".  As far as being "present", I was and it was wonderful.

Let me be clear, I have insane moments as well.  I came home from Lowe's with cute light up Candy Canes to put in the back yard to add to the holiday decorations that seem to grow each year in our BACKYARDS (that are in a big group together).  There I was in the dark, hammering in stakes and attaching lights and pulling out extension cords.  I was tired, cold and (probably- I don't remember for sure but it makes sense) hungry, but in this exhaustive state I thought, before I finish, I should plug these in and make sure they work.  No.  They don't work!  THEY DON'T WORK AT ALL!  In disgust, I left the stakes in the ground, the extension cord circling our patio and the lights themselves in a pile in front of the back door.  UGH!  Teen Boy packed it all up for me after confirming my original diagnosis.  Sweet boy.

Last weekend, I decided to do an impromptu cooking weekend.  Oh, THAT is why no decorating got done.  Step 1 - decide on recipes.  Step 2 - shop (3 different stores).  Step 3 - prepare for cooking (LOL - that didn't really happen, well it sorta happened, I printed the recipes and gathered most of the ingredients in one place, but not into organized stations).  Step 4 - Cook.  We prepped 26 meals on Sunday Sweet LM and I; I did two others the day before also.  My freezer is filled with wonderful meals many of which College Boy requested.  I just have to remember to THAW them!  So I asked Hero Daddy last night what he wanted tonight for dinner.  He, of course, listed a meal I didn't make.  So I took him out and showed him the plethora of choices!  He was impressed.  Still not thrilled that he couldn't have spaghetti and meatballs, but he found something else.

What prompted the cooking day was an intensified work schedule.  Now that I can sub in our building, I was booked in a vacancy spot for this entire week, afternoons.  By the end of Monday, I was booked ALL DAY the rest of the week.  And by last night, I am now booked EVERY AFTERNOON for the rest of the year as I was hired to fill the vacancy spot.  But afternoons were already crazy, so meals are essential for sanity.  It was time well spent.

Additionally, LRHB and I did spend Saturday evening preparing for Advent with our sister family in Fusion.  We enjoyed a meal and created Advent wreaths (that's right, non-crafty me was cornered into being crafty!) and shared fellowship.  It was such a wonderful evening with a lovely family and just the perfect way to start Advent.  Perhaps, we'll actually light it and pray one night this week.

Finally, today is the Feast of St. Nicholas.  I have tried to share this with my boys each year as a way to tie the Christmas season to our faith.  And I have gifts for the two big boys, but with working, I didn't manage to get the book ON St. Nick for my LRHB.  So, I am now going to scrounge around for an appropriate St. Nick gift (in our house they are gifts to help us celebrate the season) and give myself a break.

Resolution 49:  Prepare the home for Christmas
(I went back and did have  2 resolution 47's so I am skipping right along to 49... just three more left!)

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