Thursday, December 20, 2012

51...51...52 NOT YET!!

Although the week is almost over, I resolved on Monday to finish my Christmas shopping this week.  And ship off the gifts.  Shopping accomplished needs to be compared to checklist, but I'm awful close!  Gifts, shipped off prior to blizzard attacking me.

On another note, this holiday season I am embracing the BE IN THE MOMENT to the fullest.  Others might say I'm embracing it to the CRAZIEST!  That would be because FIRST, I gave Teen Boy permission to have a New Year's Eve Party and invite the band from school.  Yes, that's right, the ENTIRE BAND, some 90 kiddos.  No sex, drugs or rock and roll!  OOOOPS, I mean no sex, drugs or Al-Co-Hol... rock and roll permitted and encouraged.  I am not that mom that is going to pop champagne for all to share at midnight.  I had a friend in high school, LJ, and I spent the night at her house for a New Year's Eve party.  Her mom was the "cool mom" that gave us a toast at midnight of Asti Spumanti.  Just typing that brings up stomach bile these many, many, many, many years later.  It probably wasn't the Asti as much as the drinks we'd concocted all evening long in her basement.  Not really a good memory for me... moving on...

SECOND, I agreed to have the LRHB's school holiday party at my house last night.  I invited the entire class, all 27 sweeties.  I mean, the LRHB was so bummed that we had a snow day on the last day prior to holiday break.  I'd say it was the most poorly received snow day that I've EVER seen in my parenting life!  Now teen boy takes exams in January!   So I got permission from the class teacher to host it here and emailed out an invitation to parents to bring their kiddos by for their holiday party!  Their teacher came and they had the best time so it was worth the two hours of crazy.  Only 21 classmates were able to make it and we had several moms stay to help, so it really went great. 

However, there is a bit of CRAZY going on in this household and I am EMBRACING IT!

I got a text from my Turquoise friend that her grandbaby was visiting.  I hadn't met this sweet boy born a month ago, so I dropped all I was doing this afternoon and dashed over to hold that piece of heaven for nearly two hours!  I love my baby snuggles.  Wonder what I was supposed to do today?  I guess I'll remember tomorrow. 

Grab yourself some crazy and enjoy while I ponder 52.

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