Sunday, December 9, 2012

Books 60 &61

More Than Words, Stories from the Heart featured my favorite author Debbie Macomber which is why I got it without knowing anything about it. I HIGHLY recommend this book. It has three stories each featuring someone involved with an organization that is truly out there helping people. The story by my girl, Debbie, wasn't even a romance. I loved it as it featured characters I'd met in her Blossom Street series and the organization Teens Living with Cancer. Ironically, it was the only organization I didn't know, however, I've filed it away; I'm in the high school all the time and one day it will unfortunately be a useful piece of information to pass on. The other two organizations I was familiar with as they focus on healthier eating for young people, something my show Top Chef is always getting involved with, and Memory Box Artist Program, which I learned of when my friend's baby died. This was a quick read and during the holidays when we're in the spirit of giving, these stories remind of us groups that help all year long.

Mistletoe Wishes features three holiday romances in one book by three authors I didn't know.  But I took a gamble and thoroughly enjoyed reading these simple (unrealistic) stories about love and the holidays.  Were they tough on the brain?  No way!  A little more smut than I like? Perhaps, but I could skip on by the part where she massaged his... (you get the point).  Did they end happily ever after?  YES!  So if you're looking for a brainless read, go for it.  It was perfect in front of a fire on a snowy day!

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