Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some yes. Some no. And #47.

30 - Fix a routine:  the morning one.  Just when we get it down, I go and get a job and we have to reevaluate.  But one part is better for sure and that is breakfast.  I have almost eliminated prepackaged breakfast for homemade.  I make it in advance on the weekends and freeze it for all week long.  I am REALLY PROUD OF THIS!  And you should be proud of me too.
31 - Prepare for a new school year.  Yes.  And no.  So, some of the stuff that is left over from last year is in a box that needs to be put away.  However, we were ready to go with new shoes, school supplies and four gazillion checks.
32 - Okay, MY school year motto is "Jesus, I trust you."  Not sure it is really anyone else's but that is okay!  I would rather have LRHB working on being a good friend.  And Teen Boy learning to navigate new social situations.  And College Boy learning to manage a job with classes.  I trust Him to watch over my boys as they navigate through their school year growing up and away.  (sigh) When I start to worry, my mantra is, "Jesus, I trust you."  I have really been using it on the new job (please stop car, Jesus I trust you)!
33 - Talk to your kids about dangerous situations.  Yes.  And it is ongoing.  With several high publicity child abductions, we have continued this conversation. 
34 - Make a new friend.  Bring someone new into the fold.  I've been trying.  Do I have a new BFF?  No.  Have I had friends this fall that I may not text daily with need me and was I there for them.  Yes.  And the LRHB seems to have been welcomed back into the fold.  Time heals.  Yet, we continue to make different choices to avoid putting him in a difficult situation.  Different is good.  Growth and all that stuff.
35 - Clear off a book shelf.  Sure, I cleared it off.  The stack of books is still sitting in front of it. 
36 - Clean out the garage.  HA-ha-ha!  Hero daddy has taken off several days this fall.  Mostly Mondays when I go to bible study and Fridays when I volunteer at school.  Or the Friday we went to the movies.  It's not going anywhere.
37 - Clean, mend or toss.  Yes, yes, yes.  In fact, used the Dawn on grease stains about an hour ago.
38 - Get the mail regularly.  No.  And that's all I have to say about that.
39 - Clean out the filing cabinet.  Work in progress.
40 - Clean the refrigerator.  Yes.   And no.  I have 2.  I did one and discovered that many things in the back of my fridge freeze or are empty jars of what used to be olives and pickles.  Teens.  They eat stuff and leave the empties behind.
41 - Clean the baseboards.  Yes I did.  Okay, not all of them in the entire house.  But all of them in the living area and halls.  I even moved stuff.  But then, I got busy and cleaning fell to the wayside until this week when I hosted bunco and "had to clean" (remember, someone coming so it must be time to clean).  Mostly I needed to straighten up.  And now I have a huge box filled with half done stuff that I must get done.
42 - Get in the picture.  I did.  I cannot wait to see it.  I got in one with the LRHB and his baseball team.  I tried to hide.  Even after saying I would be in the moment, I tried to hide.  UGH.  But then I got in the picture.  And one with Teen Boy at band senior night.  That one I'll get this week and I cannot wait because good or bad, I will put it next to the one College Boy and I took (with Hero Daddy and LRHB) 2 years ago.  They're in this one, too!  And with Thanksgiving next week, I will be making sure I am in pictures and that my MOM is in pictures (and not just the ones we usually take of each other taking pictures which I guess is better than nothing!).
43 - Prep the yard for winter - no.  Ha. 
44 - Window - no.  Ha.
45 - Try something new - LOVE my new job.  But I am so sad to discover how few people respect me doing my job.  School zone speeders were one thing, but on Friday I had three drivers ignore me and my sign IN THE CROSSWALK.  Not in danger, but it scared the bejebuz out of me!  Resulting in me crying.  And this really great mom was so nice to me!  She even called the school to tell the principal what a great job I do!  I'm still needing to improve on my timing.  Once last week I was late and had to holler out the window of my car to waiting kids that I was coming.  Humiliating.  This is a new week of early arrival.
46 - Survive... someone I knew survived a marathon.  Someone else survived the visit of family members that don't value them.  I survived the bazaar.  It was bittersweet.  I took time and enjoyed it this year instead of stressing about it.  Part of that was better planning.  Part of that was realizing that I was done with it.  I mean I don't dislike it as much as I pretend to because I do love being with the kids and watching them enjoying helping others.  But it isn't good for me.  I hurt all over today.  I don't sleep.  I need a few more chiefs and a few less braves.  I will spend a bit of time this week trying to pass it on in better shape, easier to implement shape, than I received it.
47 - Holiday lists.  Whether you are into downsizing or love the craziness or travel or celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, we all enjoy the holidays more when we are prepared.  So this week (while finishing items on this list and prepping for Thanksgiving family visits and making a turkey for school and adding some extra work hours into my week and getting a car fixed and maybe a new car), I will be making some lists to help my holiday season go more smoothly.  I am already listening to my Christmas carols so I am in the mood.  Join me!

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