Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Review... I cannot believe it's been a MONTH

I just finished, not 10 minutes ago, have mother, will travel by Claire and Mia Fontaine.  As I pulled up my blog, I was horrified to discover that it took me a MONTH to finish another book.  Some of it was the book, which wasn't as compelling as their first book.  Some of it was that my month has been wicked crazy busy.  Some of it is that it is a sweeps month and TV has been really good.

This story is told alternating from each of their points of view as they spend a summer travelling and reconnecting.  They find themselves, explore their relationship to each other and as women.  It was a really good book to read if you have a daughter.  I felt somewhat bereft as I don't have that relationship with a daughter.  I do with my mother, my joy, my example, my everything.  My Purple Friend lost her mother this week which hurts my heart so much because she was my Purple Friends's everything.  Fortunately, PF has a daughter that thinks that my Purple Friend is her everything.  Circle of life.

I think this is a book that at times gave me pause to consider where I am in life, where I am headed, what is my example that I follow and that I am setting.  As women, are we raising a less confident generation?  Was that the generation we just finished raising and is this current generation going to benefit from a backlash?  We are starting to focus on women being women, loving ourselves as we are and concentrating less on being a different version of ourselves.  Being in the moment, in the pictures, happier.  We're focusing on "Carpe a couple of Kairoses a day".  Thanks, Glennon.

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