Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

The upside to my new crossing guard job is that I can substitute in my son's building as an aide.  Last Friday, I filled in for my Twilight Friend and was an aide in Kindergarten.  It was party day for the kids as it was the last day before the Thanksgiving break (we get the entire week... yahoo!) and it was controlled chaos all morning like Kindergarten can be.  In the afternoon, we shifted back into regular school gears.  As they were sitting at carpet time, doing calendar, I was listening to their FABULOUS teacher, Ms Red, explaining past, present and future.  As she was trying to get them to remember "present", I wanted to give a reminder clue of "gift".  And I had an epiphany...

Our present is a GIFT that we often overlook.  Our PRESENT is a GIFT we often OVERLOOK!  That is my RESOLUTION for week 47:  Accept the PRESENT as a GIFT and enjoy every moment of this holiday week with my family.  Don't get caught up in the small stuff (car breaking down, again and no luggage for my brother).  Enjoy the present.  Happy Thanksgiving.

(FYI, up til that point my resolution was going to be clean the doors in your house because they often get overlooked in the regular cleaning process.... how glad are we now that I had that epiphany!)

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