Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time Flies...

I cannot believe that my kiddos go back to school tomorrow and that I go back to work!  Getting organized, washing/folding laundry, thinking about dinners as the end of the week I work all day.  Where did Thanksgiving break go?  It makes me so sad that it is gone.  The house is got cleaned, we played games, read books, watched LOTS of football, went to the movies, went to a hockey game, enjoyed being with the grandparents and Uncle Big Billy Goat Gruff, went out to dinner, ate and ate and ate.  It has been so fabulous!  So why am I so sad?  Cause we have to close the book on this chapter and it went too fast.  I enjoyed being in the moment!  Sweet LM's breakfast casseroles came in handy!  So did some freezer meals!  But I am pensive.  One more day and then the grandparents leave.  sigh.  At least I have College Boy home for the next 38 days!

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