Saturday, February 1, 2014


I don't want you to think that the only thing in my life I have been changing is my bedroom.  Although, it is true that it is a much more peaceful space, I needed to make some changes for my health.  During the holidays, I had slipped into some poor habits.  Grabbing the can of soda rather than filling the glass with water.

#5 Drink Water

Ironically, what brought the fact to me being off my water the most (other than my dehydrated state at the doctors office) was my husband.  He's heard me blah blah blah about water through the years.  However, seeing his cousin at Thanksgiving and hearing him talk about how drinking water has helped HIM (lose weight, feel better, get off of medications that were necessary for his health), well it made an impact.  I'd noticed.  Since the first of the year I would hear him fill his cup with ice from the freezer and instead of the pop of the can, I'd hear the water tap being turned on.  But I didn't comment.  Finally, he said one night at bedtime (perhaps with the clutter gone, he feels better about sharing life changing habits... just sayin') that his cousin was right about drinking water.  He explained how much he'd cut back on soda during the day and how much better he felt.  He even felt that it was helping his blood pressure (we've done this dance before - it's called selective memory - less soda, lower blood pressure).  Thank you Cousin for leading my horse to water.

Now, it is time for me to get back to drinking half my body weight in water.  Mind you, that's my goal.  Your goal might just be replacing X with water at meals.

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