Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 - 3

#3 Clean out your dresser drawers... you'll never know what you might find.

I found an old, tiny Church Missal that MY grandmother had sent me, with a dollar tucked inside for each of the boys.  Since next month she will have been in HEAVEN for 9 years, I guess it has been there awhile.  Also, I found some of the boys' keepsake art.  Better known as sentimental stuff cause my people don't have the art gene.  Snapped a picture and moved on.  Socks with holes or that don't fit.  A yo-yo.  My piggy bank from my childhood.  I have stuff sitting ON my dresser because there is no room IN my dresser due to all the extra stuff.  A long sleeved shirt I might need one day.  Since I have four long sleeved shirts that I DO wear, that got donated along with other stuff.  Cute PJ's that fit in a different decade.  Actually, there were even a pair from a different century.  If I haven't gotten back to teeny tiny by now... My husband has one of his largest drawers that is filled with shirts he doesn't wear, but might one day.  I rotate stuff down and then a year later out.  Into the donation bag some more shirts went.  I didn't get rid of his old high school football program, though.  It is still in there.  I did get rid of the losing lotto tickets from two years ago he had bagged up.  

Getting closer to bedroom paradise.

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