Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 - 2

I started my Room Resolution with my bedroom for many reasons.  First, during the holidays, all the extra stuff in our world gets piled up in there and often never goes away. In there right now are TWO tables (small, but still) that were not in there before Christmas.  Imagine this, they have stuff piled on them to include (I just went to look) gift bags, old mail, games, shopping bags, clothing, a Christmas DVD and a DVD player that got moved there during some holiday party so LRHB could watch a movie.  Underneath one of them is (get ready to laugh) the PACK AND PLAY.  Yes, my son is 9, however I did home day care and my sweet girl angel slept in it (  That was nearly 2 years ago.  Next, the closet has SO MANY CLOTHES that DO NOT FIT.  On both sides.  I have the going away outfit I wore for my honeymoon.  And the negligee and matching gown.  My husband has jeans and a suit from BEFORE I MET HIM.  Tomorrow we'll have been married 23 years.  Additionally, a cluttered bedroom leads to sleep issues.  When I began having sleep issues, my lovely doc spent some time discussing it with me.  Oprah started 2009 discussing it (  And if you Google it, you get LOTS of other folks weighing in on the same subject.  Finally, I needed a place to start and my relaxation zone was not a relaxation zone (nor can I walk easily around the room).  

Resolution #2 - Clean out the stuff that doesn't belong in your bedroom. 

Your bedroom is for loving and sleeping.  Creating an environment that fosters that will impact your entire life.  And it sets the example for everyone else in the home.  I was very tempted to move the furniture in the family room in such a way that I could just haul it all out there, but then that would have just created other issues.  So I started on one side of the room and worked my way across, piling up things to go to good will, having LRHB carry things out to correct places.  I took my large kitchen garbage can (cleaned) and put a bag in it and filled it with books for donating as well as other stuff because that is where the donating stuff gets put, on the floor of my room.  I discovered every extra pillow we own was in there in a pile under a blanket;  who knew.  LRHB had a tent in there left from a "sleep w/mom & dad night" we had LAST SUMMER.  I also discovered several other items that people had offered to me (sure, I'll take it) and I stashed in my room not knowing why I said yes.  GONE.  

Sleeping and Loving.  

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