Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 - 4

#4 Clearing out the closet

I did it.  I got rid of the jeans from last century and the honeymoon outfit.  And 4 other bags of stuff.  I have one of those personalities that sometimes I get a bit uber organized:  my people all have their own color hangers.  So I went through and reorganized my husbands clothing so that all of his summer clothes are on one shade of green hanger while his pants are on another and his winter tops on a third.  Yes, I did that.  I took down sweatshirts from hangers that he hasn't worn in the last year and folded them and put them on a shelf out of the way.  There was space there because the clothing that I put there last year went into a donation bag.  It was painful for me to pass on clothing that I really like, but do not fit into.  However, those clothes can do someone else good while I'm working on or thinking about losing weight.  The good outweighs the negative thought.  It helps that Sweet LM has been purging herself and in a tougher way.  She inspires me.  Other things I found and kept are some treasures that have been delivered to us from our mothers:  my husbands baseball card collection and my china tea set.  Right back up on the shelf.  I may or may not grab it if we have to evacuate, but these are treasures we want to keep.

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