Sunday, November 10, 2013

Resolution 46 - Take Care of Someone

A friend recently found my blog.  Well, in reality, I directed it to her, but mostly cause it was the easiest way to give her information about a book we'd been discussing.  Inevitably, why do I blog comes up.  I think in many ways I was lost and needed direction.  I was lonely and needed an outlet.  I was overwhelmed with dissatisfaction and wanted to make a change.  Once I started blogging, I began reading blogs.  I found some I love.  Some are written by women that inspire me and some that just make me feel small.  Several that make me feel blessed.  But, it seemed to be growing out of control so I stopped.  I went cold turkey.  I stopped reading.  And I was okay because I was living life in the real moment with my family.

Today, I discovered that a young cancer survivor is back in the hospital fighting the cancer fight.  I thought, OH NO!  MY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED BY ME AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS!  Boy, I think a lot of myself sometimes.  I missed good and bad.  I have to own that truth.  I missed good and bad.  I have not been neglecting; I am living for people that are here with me in life, not online.  It was a panic that spiraled into an afternoon of ferocious blog reading, accomplishing nothing in my world.  I needed to talk this out here and figure out how to make a resolution from it...

Living life in the moment... yes.  Taking care of those around me?  Perhaps, that is what that blog was saying to me.  Reach out and care for someone.  Someone in my world can use my help.  I am opening my heart (and probably my kitchen) to someone that needs me.  Let me know if you touch the lives of others this week and how.  It can be this simple...

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