Sunday, November 3, 2013

Books 74 & 75

I have actually not been watching as much TV this fall as I thought I would.  First of call, the books help me to fall asleep better.  Next, I have so many books I want to read and that desire is stronger than my desire to watch some of my shows.  Now, let's not get carried away, I have had to sit at the computer to watch TV when my dish company temporarily didn't carry one network with shows I love.  But I have three series that I haven't watched any of the new shows.  I keep taping them cause one day I might be sick and need some distraction.  But, I just realized I am supposed to be recapping the latest two books...

The Butler, A Witness to History caught my attention because of my fascination with history and the fact that they made the book into a movie.  Or so I thought.  In reality, the book came AFTER the movie.  And isn't really about the movie.  Confusing, right?  Let me try again... the movie was based (loosely) on the life of a man who was featured in a newspaper article.  That's right, the newspaper article led to a movie script.  Then, led to a book by the man who wrote the article, Wil Haygood.  The book does tell the story behind the article and the movie as well as gives some history of the times.  Because I am a history buff, I did enjoy the book. And I still want to watch the movie.

Christmas on 4th Street is the latest Fools Gold Romance novel from Susan Mallery.  I was actually trying to save it for closer to the holidays.  However, I was reading a VERY detailed nonfiction book when I found myself in a blue mood.  So I put aside the other book and dove into this book.  Just what the doctor ordered... I was back among "friends" and enjoying the town of Fools Gold during the holidays.  Perked me right up.  So if you are wanting to read a holiday romance and you haven't tried any of the books in the series, I do recommend this one.  Put a smile on my face, a Christmas tune in my head and restored my spirits.

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