Sunday, November 3, 2013

Post 300 - All about Blogging

At the beginning of 2012, I had so many things I wanted to "fix" that I decided to do a blog about making a new resolution each week.  Many of these resolutions I have to make over and over, while others stay for awhile and become something permanent.  I'm okay with making the same resolution over again and again, because I am only trying to become the person God wants me to be, not perfection.  In His eyes, I am perfection.  As I discovered a latent passion for writing, I also decided to share my love of books that I am reading.  And other topics come up now and again.  When I see folks win awards for blogging, I think that I am less than I could be, that if I put more into it that I too could be a "winner".  Then I remind myself that this is for me, my journey; not for awards and accolades.  

In the spirit of cleaning out, I have gone through a folder on my computer called "blogs".  Some of them, I honestly haven't the faintest idea why I kept them because when I click on the link it goes to their most recent post (one was about girls dresses) and not always to the post that initially "hooked" me.  However, some I read and thought, that was good reading.  I should share that.  Now, some are about getting life organized, some are reflections on our world today, and some are about my faith, Catholicism.  Below, are some good reads for me, I'll know I can come back here and reread them.  So my blogs folder has gone from about 60 to under 10; some of which belong in another folder, I just haven't figured out where.

Happy 300th post to me!

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