Monday, July 14, 2014

Resolution 24

Reach out of your comfort zone and talk to someone.  Perhaps you are at odds with a family member.  Perhaps you've just dropped the ball with a friend.  Perhaps you are inspired by the following blog:

A few months ago, we were having a conversation at work about at what age do you take a child to a viewing/funeral/memorial service.  The age old question about to take or not to take a smaller child that could be a little loud or ask the "wrong" question.  The concern being that the young one might distract from the occasion.  Can I tell you that EVERYONE there is hoping for a distraction from the pain, sadness, disappointment.  What better reminder could there be about LIFE than a pint-sized angel doing their little bit too loud thing in church?  I've taken my babies, toddlers and children to all of the above.  My LRHB attended two services for teens that he knew and one for a baby that was stillborn.  He's nine.  What was I supposed to do?  Hide my pain, sadness disappointment from him?  What does that teach him?  It teaches him that grief should be carried out behind closed doors.  No, that's not me.  I show up.  I crawl into the beds of the deceased with their momma and tell her over and over that he knew she loved him.  That's what I want him to know.  That we show up.  It may be uncomfortable and sad, but that is one part of life.  We make it better just by being there over and over and over.  It is okay to talk about the ones that have gone on.  So if you ask me when is the right age to take a child to a service, I will tell you that today is the right age.  

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