Monday, July 14, 2014

Resolution 23

Minimizing and Organizing

This time it pertains to my email account.  I have folders to keep my emails organized.  However, I actually rarely clean them out.  I had emails about Christmas gifts from 2007.  It was time consuming.  It helped that it was pouring rain outside and that LRHB was camped in front of a movie.  I was inspired by Teen Boy cleaning out his email that was more than 1000 messages. Although I have no idea how many emails were dispersed into folders, I began the day with 27 folders.  In one, I removed monthly bill statements that began in 2010, keeping only the statements from this year.  I now have only 15 folders.  I eliminated 75% or more of every folder except for the one that has pictures that have been emailed to me.  That folder sits at nearly 100 pictures dating back to 2007.  They can stay there for now.  

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