Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mom musings...

My youngest is 10 & 12 years younger than his brothers.  The Good Lord knew that I wouldn't be ready in August 2013 to be an empty-nester so he sent us the LRHB.  One of my biggest concerns is that I will raise him less than the others.  That I will be "too tired" to follow through.  However, as I read the article below, I realized that I am still right on track.  Nothing like a little early morning affirmation.


It is funny that I should read this and be pondering this subject after a conversation I had this weekend.  "When you get back to the middle school you are going to go back to being the president of the PTA aren't you?"  My negative response was greeted not with respect for having already done that job for more years than one body should.  "Why not!?"  Ugh.  Cause some things I will do differently.  I will always believe in volunteering, I just may show my children that there are more paths than just one to accomplish a giving goal.

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