Thursday, July 10, 2014

Resolution #19

Recently I have found myself a bit frustrated with my children.  I know we have had conversations regarding my expectations this summer.  However, I didn't pull out the contracts from last year and put them into place.  MY MISTAKE.  Without putting it in black and white and posting it for them to see every time they go into the cabinet for a glass, my comments fall on deaf ears.  

Now, you might be thinking that July 10th might be a bit late in the summer to invoke the contract.  Not so, my friends.  My kiddos have 5 more weeks of summer vacation and my nieces and nephews have up to two more weeks after that (just an example of how much longer summer breaks may be lasting).  

Tomorrow morning is Friday July 11th, and we are having a
COMIN' TO JESUS talk tomorrow about expectations.  Respecting boundaries (LRHB) and planning for the upcoming school year (Teen Boy) are also on the agenda for discussion tomorrow.  
If you are feeling frustrated that your comments, requests and desires are falling on deaf ears, I suggest that you greet your people with homemade waffles and a contract in the  morning.  I

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