Saturday, July 12, 2014

Resolution 21

It is the summer and it generally means, a bit more down time or around the house time for me.  Of course that time is spent dusting a couple times a week to rid my non-air conditioned home of pollen and washing pool towels (because they drag them and ick, I guess it is a thing for me).  I have been doubling up on my Resolutions (or trying my best to) and they are a lot about what I think needs to be done and less about changing my life.  However, each time I get something done, my life is a bit better, less cluttered, more organized, perhaps even safer. 

So Resolution 21 falls into the latter category.  Instead of changing the batteries in the smoke detectors one at a time when the annoying beeping commences about 11:30 pm, I have gone through the house and changed all of the batteries.  I'm not expecting my house to burn down, but they have all been changed and the smoke detectors all work.  I know that I am supposed to change them every six months which isn't really six months because the "turn the clock back/forward" changes are not actually every six months. So, that really doesn't work for my brain.  When we celebrate the 4th of July next summer, it will be a reminder to change the batteries again.  After all, with the improvements made to batteries, they truly last more than a year, not merely six months.  And this is a plan with which I can work.

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