Thursday, May 8, 2014

#9 - #16

Life... it has been happening.

YES!  I am still running.  YES!  I am still doing the strength training.  NO!  I haven't been blogging.

  1. Birthday Fun.  I had a birthday.  There was fun.  Pre-birthday fun.  Birthday fun.  Post-birthday fun.
  2. There was finishing an ONLINE CLASS.  Real book.  Real work.  Finished.  Finally.
  3. There was reading a book series because after the hard reading, I just wanted some FUN READING! (Details to follow)
  4. There was illness.  Up all night puking and running to the toilet illness for the LRHB.  Hero Daddy had to stay home with him as I couldn't take off.  (Picture me plunging a knife into my heart as it has always been MY JOB to take care of the ill and down-trodden).  Hero Daddy didn't realize that LRHB only drank 12 oz of fluid ALL DAY.  I wrote a note!!  With INSTRUCTIONS!!
  5. There was moving Teen Boy home from College Year 1.  So nice to have him home.  We've got to fix him some, but I am so proud of my young man.  Didn't lose his head with partying and brought home great grades. 
  6. There was running.  Not everyday running because after 6 straight days, these legs needed a break.  Then I took a second day off because I couldn't go to the gym and leave my sick baby after leaving him with Hero Daddy all day (see note 2).  It was hard to go back after two missed days... I'm not gonna lie.
  7. There was more sick for LRHB.  Now a fever and a cough and general misery while ON A FIELD TRIP THAT OF COURSE I COULDN'T GO ON!  Thanks to Big Brother for picking him up and giving him medicine and making him rest til the momma could come home and take over.  So another day off from running.  
But I will still finish and be able to RUN a 5K.  And hopefully WALK a 5K at the same time.  10K.

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