Thursday, May 8, 2014

Books 18-21

  • Drive by Daniel Pink was a look at what is successful in motivating people in the workplace now vs. previously.  It was full of data and examples which did bring the information to life.  However, it was still complicated and then I had to draw on what I had learned to apply it to my real work situation.  I would recommend reading it so that people can have insight into what will make them a satisfied and productive individual in the workplace (also it spills over into your home life). 
  • Grace Valley Series by Robin Carr was a trilogy before her Virgin River Series (which I loved).  The themes are similar - family, community, love - and the payoff is in the end of the trilogy.  It was a fabulous break from the serious reading I've been doing.  If you enjoyed her Virgin River Series, rush out now and get started on this series.  If you haven't read anything by her, start with this as it will give you a clear picture of her storytelling.  FYI - very clean.

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