Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I ran for 8 minutes straight today.  And then, after walking at a good clip, I ran for ANOTHER 8 minutes straight.  You need to understand this... I am not sure that I have EVER RUN FOR 8 MINUTES STRAIGHT!

We did this Couch to 5K program last summer in preparation for our first 5K.  I am not sure how far we got... we certainly didn't finish it, but I was still able to do the 5K.  I was anxious about it, I walked it quickly with some jogging and a ridiculous end of race sprint.  (as I often do, when I recall a moment that happened and I want to refresh my memory, I look back through my blogs.  But last summer, I was filled with angst and hid... I did not ever write about my fabulous accomplishment of finishing my first 5K.  Furthermore, I didn't write about finishing my second! OY!)  But I digress... I recall going to the gym, doing the work-out, getting sick in the middle, never quite able to run the full 5 minutes that was required last week.  I know this for a fact... I have never run 8 minutes straight.  And today I did it twice.  I may not be living up to my resolution commitment at this time, however, I am living life, living up to my commitment to fill a bucket list item.  I'm not gonna lie, I am scared.  But boy do I want this!

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