Friday, May 31, 2013

Book 22

Brainless and entertaining.  Story number 2 in Rules of Play by Nora Roberts is titled The Heart's Victory.  Is it some of Nora's best writing, perhaps not.  But it was just what I needed to start the summer with reading fun.  What else am I planning to read this summer?  I am hoping to finish Janet Evanovich's series about a bounty hunter; I've read the first 9 books and first novella.  10 more books and two more novellas to go.  Might not happen as I am also trying a new series.  Funny story, I got a book from my friend JB with the note that it is brainless and entertaining.  I set it aside cause it was MAY, but when Mommy arrived and we started talking books, she asked if I had tried Robyn Carr.  "I think I have that author on my shelf to read," I quipped back.  Indeed it was the one and same so I am trying out Robyn Carr's Virgin River series.  I've also ordered The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (, The Hundred Dresses (, a Tree Grows in Brooklyn (which also has a movie from 1945) and Daring Greatly (which is supposed to be super powerful).  Please message me if you are interested it reading and discussing any of the above.

I did spend about an hour on the library site looking for and requesting books.  My LRHB is going to read every Amelia Bedelia story.  He's finished two and LOVED the humor!  Actually, I should say that he is reading all of the ones by the original author.  It seems that her nephew has started writing books about Amelia's childhood.  I'm not sure we'll venture there when there are so many books and so little time.

Read a book!

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