Friday, May 31, 2013

School's Out for SUMMER!

Technically, we are sadly finishing week one of summer fun.  Sigh.  Where did it go?  Swim team started.  check.  Doctor's appointment to discover that Teen Boy doesn't need surgery, but will be in his boot another three weeks and will start physical therapy next week.  check.  Finished working and attended a work end of year gathering.  check.  Laundry?  nope.  Cleaning up post guests?  nope.  Migraine?  check.  Post May Migraine only lasted one day, for which we can be truly grateful.  Baseball finished?  nope.  We've got 4 games this week with potentially one or two more next week.  Getting caught up on useless reading?  check. Teen boy received his driver's license?  nope.  Not with a boot.

But the sun is shining (the wind is gusting) and I missed spots yesterday sitting poolside thus getting the season's first sunburn.  Today we make a list of summer projects.  And goals.  And fun.

I LOVE SUMMER BREAK!  One week down and 12 to go.  Oh happy dance time!!

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