Thursday, April 2, 2015

Resolution #8

Resolution #8 Strive for Five

I know that many of my resolutions this winter have been about eating right, that is because at my physical in January I found out that I am pre-diabetic.  A completely preventable disease if I lose weight.  I have a love/hate relationship with my weight as many of us do.  I know that I am an emotional eater.  I tend to be comfortable with myself and I am basically a happy person which negates motivation to change.  Through the years I have gained and lost weight with pregnancies, medications and a poor exercise regiment.  I have worked out, then not.  I have joined Weight Watchers and been successful.  I have made changes on and off again.

However, I do not want to invite disease, which is what my current weight is doing.  I want to be healthier, be more active and weigh less.  I am done with Challenges.  I am just on board with being a healthy eater and helping my family to be healthy eaters.  I have made changes already (portion control, just one plate) and another instrumental change I have made is Strive for Five.  When I eat FIVE servings of fruits and vegetables, I feel better, eat less junk and successfully lose weight.  Down 14 pounds this year already.  It is not cheap to do it, but junk food isn't cheap either (my downfall is chocolate, but good chocolate, no cheap chocolate for me).  And it takes time.  If I put in the time now, I will hopefully have more time later.  

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