Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happiness is...

I may not have discovered it until Friday afternoon around four, however, all of my loves came home for Easter.  Tech Boy (formerly Teen Boy) picked up College Boy and College Girl**  and they rolled in around 11 pm.  I was surprised LRHB didn't come flying out of his room, but his Spring schedule is wearing him out!

Our weekend was filled with spending time together in the kitchen, watching LRHB play baseball, watching basketball, studying, reading, playing video games and participating in Easter Mass.  My heart loves the people, their generosity when it comes to spending time with "the boy" (as LRHB is called), their support of his sport, their willingness to help.  College Boy actually apologized for not helping more.  He had a big test he was preparing to take so the fact he came home was gift enough.  Plus he peeled five pounds of potatoes.  

I was truly blessed this Easter, by my Lord, by my children and by my husband who fried the turkey.  I hope you were able to stop and count your blessings this Easter.

**One day we might have another name for her, but for now this fits.  If I already named her in the past, OOPS!  Anyway, she and College Boy have been together two years now and we love her.

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