Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book # 18

Not a Fan
by Kyle Idleman

16/50 2015 Reading Challenge:  A book recommended by a friend

Powerful.  If I had to describe this book in one word, that is the word I would use.  It wasn't an easy book, but it was an easy read.  He puts his ideas into place using examples and scripture.  He isn't out to make you feel bad about your relationship with God, but he is pointing out the differences in relationships with God.  Fan?  Follower?  Which are you?  Read the book and discover for yourself.

I used this book as my preparation for Lent.  I found that I generally tend to be a fan, but long to be a follower.  I found that I am on the journey from fan to follower.  I read much of this book over as I pondered what the author was saying.  I prayed quite a bit about what I was reading and how it would impact my life.  Without saying too much more, I will tell you that it has already helped me and one of my children to love more generously, and through that love, to accept and forgive.

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