Saturday, April 18, 2015

Disney Blog Day 1

Disney Vacation Day 1

It was wonderful!  I cannot possibly recount our trip in just one blog so I will be posting a series of blogs about it.

Day 1:  We flew to Florida and arrived late in the evening the night before our cruise was to set sail.  After purchasing my plane tickets on Southwest Airlines, an offer to stay at the Hilton located right in the airport came up.  When I considered the prices of other hotels nearby, the cost of getting to and from them (as some of their shuttles don't run 24 hours) and how tired we would be when we arrived, I decided that I would splurge on the Hilton.  Plus the offer was less than 50% of the going rate.  It was WORTH every penny.  I was at the hotel BEFORE getting to the luggage carousel.  The employees were lovely, the food in the restaurant (late night snacks of soup, calamari and caramelized goat cheese) delicious and the server was very accommodating.  The room and bed were comfortable and clean.  I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

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