Monday, March 9, 2015

Resolution #7

Resolution #7:  An act of charity

Each year about this time, my family-based religious education program at our church has a day of charity.  They ask that it be something that we can do as a family and for it to be age appropriate.  And this year's act was no-less a gift even though we benefit from it as well. 

LRHB and I put together a shopping list for a full-day of cooking with my friend Sweet LM.  You may or may not remember that she lost her daughter a few years ago; she is expecting a daughter next month!  She wanted to get meals prepared and put up in the freezer so that when the last few weeks of pregnancy get to be too much and for after the baby comes.  I wanted to get meals put up before baseball season overtakes my life.  Our act was to do all of the shopping, deliver everything to her home and cook there so that her darling husband could help her.  Our act was to also prepare a bonus meal for her so that she would have an extra.  Our act is to also gift a few of these meals to others that could use a night off from cooking for various reasons.  Yes, I now have a freezer full of meals.  I also have four gifts to share, and the knowledge that my friend also has a freezer full.  And she didn't have to do the two-three hours of prep.  My guy helped with the 45 minutes of grocery list prep.  He also helped prepare the four meals we are gifting to others.  We did it together and it filled my heart.

What acts of charity do you perform as a family?

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