Thursday, March 5, 2015

Book #15

Plum Pie
by P.G. Wodehouse

Adult Book Challenge 8/8
12/50 2015 Reading Challenge:  A Book of Short Stories

I had forgotten about this author until I went searching for a book of short stories to fulfill my reading challenge.  I actually read some of his books when I was in college on the recommendation of a fellow on whom I was crushing.  He is long gone, but he did introduce me to a comedic writer that I once again enjoyed.

The timing of the short stories book was perfect as when I had some down time from my online book study I could pick it up and whip through a story or two.  Then I could pick it up a week later and read a bit more without completely losing the story line.  The short stories also had even shorter bits between them.  But alas, sometimes I didn't get the humor of those so I skipped many of those.  P.G. Wodehouse is probably best known for his Jeeves tales.  Unfortunately, there was only one such story in the book.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy it. 

This fulfills my Adult Book Challenge commitment.  I have printed the form and will be turning it in for my prizes.  

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