Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book #14

Brain Rules:  Updated and Expanded
by John Medina

Adult Book Challenge 7/8

This is the book that I read for my book study course and I really liked it.  I'll admit that the science details hurt my brain and I had to reread those parts to truly understand it.  But the outcomes that can come from knowing this information are endless.  By reading this book, I have already changed some of the methods I use for teaching my students.  I am applying the knowledge to my personal life as well which can help me be healthier now and in the future.  I recommend reading this book and if you have a Nook, I can share it with you.  I am glad that I actually purchased the book for this study because it is the type of book that I can see myself rereading to make sure that I have put into production everything I thought of while reading it.

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