Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book 86

I just finished reading The Orphan Train by Kristina Baker Kline and it is an amazing book!  I really thought that I would finish it last night, but I finally fell asleep around 1 am only to wake early, sneak out and finish it first thing this morning before the hustle and bustle of a Sunday during the Christmas season begins.

It took a little bit to get into the groove of it... it takes place in different times with many different people with a lot of changes in the beginning before settling into a groove that takes you through the rest of the story.  It is fiction, historical fiction, about the Orphan Trains that ran from the mid-1850's through the 1930's.  These trains took east coast orphans to the Midwest and placed them with families.  As I often feel after reading a fictional book about a time in history, I think I might want to read a factual book.  However, this book runs the emotional scale and I'm again not up to that so soon.  (think Molokai ).

I highly recommend this book!   

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