Monday, October 21, 2013

Living in the moment...#40

I've done it.  I've made some real changes to live in the moment.  Let's be honest, right behind hanging out with my kids, I love to read.  So many books, so little time!  But, right now, this is about the kids.

Over the summer, I was reading my blogs.  I think I may have even been tearing up because of something sad that I'd read.  LRHB wanted my attention.  I said I was busy.  "Whatcha doin?"  he wanted to know.  I replied that I was reading a friend's blog.  Of course he wanted to know if he knew them.  "Well, no, actually I don't know them either, except through their blog."  Oh.  And he wandered off.  Thankfully, I could finish my reading.

Upon reflection of this conversation, in fact MUCH reflection, I've pretty much stopped reading my blogs.  Yes, I feel awful for the woman that lost her little boy that lives across the country.  But I also feel awful for the lady around the corner that lost her son the same month.  Should I not be giving more time to the sad mommy I know quite well than I am giving to the woman I've never met.  By her own words she is surrounded by wonderful people.  Should I give more time to the other mother across the country that has lost her son?  My Sweet LM lost her daughter and we struggle to find time to be together; I should be getting my ducks in a row at home so I can run away with her.  There is a blog I follow about a mom that is so devout that really each time I read her words I commit a sin, I COVET my neighbor's religious devotions.  Seriously, that time would be better spent in PRAYER.


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