Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book 70

I wish I had made a note about where I got the title The Beginners Goodbye by Anne Tyler, because I might understand why I chose to read it.  Sure, Anne Tyler is a Pulitzer Prize winning author, but rarely does that motivate me to pick up a book.  Detour... I did some research and it was a Ladies Home Journal Magazine Book Club book.  Since for months while accompanying my son to therapy, I read all of the back issues of LHJ, that is probably where I got this book.  

"Why does she write about how she found this book?"  It is a such a detour from the frou-frou romances that we know I love.  Additionally, it isn't a memoir or biography which is my other choice.  It is fiction and addresses mourning and death.  It has a main character with tremendous personality and character flaws, yet he is compelling as he works through the tragic death of his wife.  He learns, grows and I won't spoil the end that was worth it.  It is a short book, however not really a quick read as I found myself pondering his situations.  

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