Sunday, August 18, 2013

Resolution Recap

This may end up being two posts cause I do have to do something today besides 1) read blogs I've missed for the last two weeks, 2) catch up on my blogs, 3) finish my resolutions.

11.  10 Deep Cleansing Breaths.  I found it was best to do them in the afternoon when I finished crossing guard duty, but before I picked up my guy from the playground.  It helped me to be ready to focus on him.  Over the summer it has been hit and miss, but now that we're headed back to school, I am thinking a point in the day when I transition from employee to mom is the best time.

12.  Send a card.  I sent several as a matter of fact.  It just makes people know that you are thinking of them.  In this technology world, it is nice to get a quick response to a need via FB or email.  But the receiving of a card means you really made an effort.

13.  Clean out the Laundry Room.  I always find things and clean stuff out I no longer need.  It brings me such satisfaction.

14.  Do the taxes.  I am embarrassed to say these are still not done.  The gov't is earning interest on my money.  And it is what I am supposed to be doing right now.  Instead, I am taking stock of my life.  UGH.

15.  Be Kind.  I find that people are really surprised when you do one of two things:  Smile at them and Hold Open the Door.  Try it.

16.  Work out regularly.  The key for me for this was setting a goal.  I ran my first 5K this summer.  Sometime I'll have to tell that story, but not today.  I am working out 2-4 times a week.

17.  Ceiling Fans - well, I got Teen Boy to clean them.  That counts, right?!

18.  In addition to my daily fizz, I've been trying to remember to take my daily vitamin as well.  Problem is when I take it in the morning it upsets my tummy.  If I pledge to do this again, it is because I'm not taking calcium.  Just so you know.

19.  Perfect Daily Schedule - So what I discovered is for me there is no such thing.  For me and working out, I have to be flexible.  I cannot think... oh, didn't make it this morning so it isn't going to happen.  I have to think... I'm going now cause I can!  However, I have made a list of how I'd like my morning to start off when school starts tomorrow.

20.  Love Letter to your Children - I'll own up.  I just finished writing them this afternoon.  They are very different from each other but I think my boys will like them.  It worked out well because they are all starting new chapters in their lives right now.

21.  Cleaning Chart - Done.  Very satisfying to check stuff off for me.

22.  Summer contracts.  Here we are and as with last year, we did pretty good.

23.  One Life Changing Eating Habit - earlier this year it was one plate.  Most nights I still achieve that.  This time it was drinking 1/2 my body weight in water.  When I don't now, I feel like sh*t.

24.  Clean it out - found clothes the LRHB never wore and has now outgrown.  Donated some school supplies to our local school as we had 40 students, at just one of our schools, lose their homes in a fire.  This is why it is important to clean out.  More on that later.

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