Sunday, August 18, 2013

6 Weeks, 13 Books & 2 Novellas

Not as many books the second half of the summer.  Perhaps because I have already gone back to work.  Or perhaps it was a busy vacation.  I certainly wasn't sick (thankfully), which gave me extra time to read during the first half of the summer.  And with the exception of one of the novellas, they were all rereads.  Oh that took me back.  I was that kid that reread books every summer.  The Cherry Ames series and the Bobsey Twins and Little Women were favorites to which I would return year after year.  So I returned to Cedar Cove, a series from Debbie Macomber, and reread each of the stories.  I visited with characters that are now coming to life on the Hallmark Channel.  I love the books so much that I want the show to be JUST LIKE THE BOOKS.  Not really happening, but the show, Cedar Cove, is an enjoyable summer treat.  

The lone novella that isn't by Macomber is by Susan Mallery.  You may recall that I read her Fools Gold series earlier this year and her newest novella and three books were released this summer.  They are up next on my reading list.  

Perhaps I will return to the land of reality and choose some books that aren't daytime dramas in print.  However, my doc says if an escape from reality is helping me, then go with it!

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