Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to 2013!

Once again, I am just one mom.  I am so blessed to be married to Hero Daddy for the last 21 years and have three wonderful sons, College Boy, Teen Boy and the Little Red Headed Boy (LRHB).  I look around my life and I would like to make ALOT of changes, but I am realistic in my older age to know that I cannot wake up tomorrow an entirely new person, svelte and super healthy with a clean, well-organized home and delightful little hobbies.  HA!  Again, HA! 

Last year I decided to make one change at a time.  In fact, I decided to make 52 resolutions over 52 weeks.  I've spent the last week celebrating that goal, the changes I've made, and contemplating what I'd like to continue to work on.  I cataloged the resolutions for last year in a spreadsheet (sometimes I get like that) and scored how I felt I did in accomplishing those goals.  My total score could have been 156.  I scored at 102 or 65%.  That sounds so lousy so I'll stick to the statistic I like:  only 8% of Americans stick to their resolutions the entire year and I did.  Each week I chose a new resolution and I tried to accomplish it.  Some really stuck like eating breakfast.  Some didn't like getting the mail... why is that so hard?  I remembered great moments as I went back through my journey and although I never chose some items as a resolution, I accomplished them.

I read more than 52 books, from many types of genres, authors, storytellers.  I gained new friends, my blogger girls Glennon, Kelle, Jessica and Mrs. Hartman, to name a few.  I am walking closer with my God.  I think I live in the moment more and appreciate the "present" as a GIFT... why else would I have done this:  Sure some of my resolutions were lame, but my house is definitely cleaner for it.  I worked out through the summer, which is 8 months more than last year.  I spent time with best friends near and far; does it get much better than that?  I've experienced mother pain like I had never before and grew.  There have been losses, but others lost more; some years are like that.  I took on paid jobs:  last winter and spring loving two sweeties as my own while their mommy worked; this fall at my son's school in jobs I'd never tried before.  I discovered I like blogging and that writing goals does truly help one to achieve them.  Look at our Lenten walk if you need an example.

I am going to continue this journey, 52 weeks, 52 resolutions, 1 mom trying to become the best she can be.  Happy 2013!

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