Monday, September 28, 2015

From This Moment On...

When I began blogging nearly four years ago, I gave my children nicknames. I don't need someone "googling" their names and having my thoughts poured out attached to them.  But I was a bit short-sighted.  

College Boy graduated.  But I couldn't give him another name. I said I would one day, but it has been over a year and I haven't. He's still in school and for now, we are sticking with College Boy.  

Teen Boy became Tech Boy nearly a year ago.  I am not sure I have referred to him that way, but I found the post where I so named him:

Now my dear sweet LRHB is nearly 11.  He is nearly as tall as I am.  And he kinda picked a new nickname this summer after watching Secretariat.  He is Big Red. He is nearly done with elementary school, so I guess it is time that his nickname reflect who he is, not who he was.  Sad mommy moment realizing that her baby is so grown.

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