Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In the good old Summertime...

This past weekend marked the halfway point of summer for our family.  I decided to focus on the fun things we've accomplished already and posted those on FB.  I am so, so happy to say that this action spurred others to post the same!  I know that FB is usually full of only happy news, requests of prayers or happy news and that I just contributed to that perpetual happiness, but shouldn't there be a place to celebrate life!? The day in and day out of summer vacation is often filled with TOO MUCH TOGETHERNESS and getting on nerves and doldrums.  However, there is NO HOMEWORK!  And in our case, fewer activities to keep up with.  We have a daily routine that involves being out of the house almost every single moment, but this helps us thrive.  I love the lazy hot days of summertime... afternoons at the pool.  Morning errands.  A few chores around the house to catch up on what escapes us the rest of the year.  And the following:
"What have you been doing with your summer? We have finished 6 weeks of kids home and have 6 more weeks to go. Been to bingo, karaoke, Rockies, an overnighter in Denver, sick, working out, pool, lunch, drinking wine, outdoor movies, tennis, bowling alley & laser tag, and swim practices/meets. And I've read 20 books in 37 days. I LOVE the summertime!"

Happy Summer!

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