Sunday, July 7, 2013

Book 23, 24, 25...42

That's RIGHT book fans... I've read 20 books in 37 days.  Most have 200+ pages.  I've really done very little else.  Certainly not been blogging, although I was blogging nearly daily while I did the 14 Day Challenge (  Certainly not resolving except to read and read and read!

I mentioned that a fellow reader passed me a book that would be entertaining though not educational and I discovered that it was book 2 in a series of TWENTY!  And that my mommy mentioned the very same author when visiting...kismet.  So I tried book one from the Library, the title of the Series:  Virgin River and I was totally hooked!  Here is the author's website with the entire 20 books from this series:

It was like reading a daytime drama.  New characters came along, but old ones were revisited, sometimes with expansions of their original tales.  Romance.  Characters you would like to call friends in a town that although fictional, we all wish truly existed.  I was slightly afraid that they would get repetitive, but each story had its own direction, its own creative turns and twists.  Yes, detailed sex scenes.  I won't lie; it is probably "R" rated writing during those scenes.  But I couldn't put my Nook down except to download the next tale and the next and the next until all 20 were finished as of this afternoon.  

I have a couple other books around to read, but I really feel like I need to come up for air and connect with my life.  However, it has been great while it lasted.  Here's to Hero Daddy who didn't say ONCE all WEEKEND as I was plugged in reading, "Don't you have anything else you should be doing?"  I guess cause I put great meals on everyday, I was off the hook.  And did I mention I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

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